Fees / fee schedule

1. The hourly rate for our law firm ranges from 310,00 to 396,80 euros per hour. Prices include VAT (prices without VAT range between 250 euros and 320 euros per hour). The minimal time-based billing unit is 0.25 hours. Unless otherwise agreed, we always charge on a hourly basis of 310 euros per hour, including VAT.

2. Any fixed-price assignments must always be agreed in advance with the person in charge. Examples of fixed-price charges per unit (incl. VAT 24%):

Service Price
Review of the deed of sale of real estate starting from 620 € (500 € + VAT)
Preparation of the deed of sale of real estate starting from 1085 € (875 € + VAT)
Deed of sale or deed of transfer starting from 620 € (500 € + VAT)
Prenuptial agreement starting from 558 € (450 € + VAT)
Divorce agreement starting from 1085 € (875 € + VAT)
Division of property agreement starting from 1395 € (1125 € + VAT)
Deed of gift starting from 1085 € (875 € + VAT)
Will (basic form) or power of attorney starting from 558 € (450 € + VAT)
Estate inventory starting from 1395 € (1125 € + VAT)

3. The law firm’s invoice is always addressed directly to the client.

4. The fees for any legal aid cases are determined by the legal aid fee schedule.


Adopted on 11.04.2012


1. Main rule

The lawyer’s fees are determined for each assignment on the basis of the time, quantity and quality of the work required. In addition, the degree of difficulty of the assignment and the value and importance of the benefit in question are taken into account.

2. Particular importance of the case as a basis for an increase

Where the lawyer’s responsibility is appreciably greater than usual, either because of the substantial financial interest involved or because of the special importance of the case for the client, these factors may be taken into account as grounds for increasing the fee.

3. Matters of difficult circumstances and urgency

The fee may be increased for work which must be carried out outside normal working hours, in a foreign language or abroad, in particularly difficult circumstances or for reasons of particular urgency beyond the lawyer’s control. Any loss of time caused by the lawyer’s travel may be charged separately in addition to the time spent on the assignment.

4. Social considerations as grounds for reduction

Milloin sosiaaliset seikat antavat siihen erityisen aiheen, voidaan palkkiota alentaa tai antaa oikeusapua ilmaiseksi.

5. Pactum de quota litis ja pactum de palmario

Where there is a special reason, a fee may be agreed in advance as a percentage of the result to be achieved for the client (pactum de quota litis), or an agreement may be concluded to pay a special compensation to the lawyer in the event that the desired result is achieved (pactum de palmario).

6. Time-based charging

When determining the remuneration for a specific legal service or a specific measure in connection with it, the reasonable time required for the performance of the service shall be taken as the primary basis. The lawyer is entitled to take into account, in addition to the factors mentioned in these guidelines, his experience and skills as a lawyer and his specialised knowledge of a particular field of law.

7. Advance payments

The lawyer shall be entitled to demand advance payments from the client in respect of his or her expenses and fees, where this has been agreed at the time of accepting the assignment or is otherwise considered appropriate in the circumstances.

8. Overheads – billable working time

The lawyer’s fees shall cover the general expenses of the activity, such as the salaries of the office staff including social expenses, the rental and maintenance costs of the office, the usual insurance contributions, including pension contributions, the cost of the office machinery, equipment and supplies, the costs of the capital tied up in the office and the activity and other fixed expenses.

9. Direct costs: use of own car, accommodation and daily allowance

In addition to the fee, direct costs incurred will be charged separately. The lawyer may also charge the actual costs of using the lawyer’s own car, accommodation expenses and a reasonable daily allowance.

10. Invoice: specification of the measures, due date and default interest, indicating the time spent and the basis for the time-based charge

The lawyer must issue the client with an invoice specifying the measures taken in the case and the direct costs incurred. In the invoice, the lawyer may indicate a due date later than the date of the invoice and the reasonable interest for late payment to be charged from that date.

11. Legal expenses insurance, legal aid and consumer protection provisions

If the client has legal expenses insurance, the firm is not bound by the insurance company’s criteria for payment and reimbursement. The law firm’s invoice is always addressed directly to the client. As regards the effect of public legal aid on the lawyer’s invoice, the specific provisions applicable to it shall be applied. In distance selling within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act, the consumer has the right of withdrawal in accordance with Chapter 6, Section 15 of the Act. For further information on fees and billing principles, please contact: Toni Sortti, Attorney-at-law, 040-4137238, toni.sortti@roihulaw.fi