Law of inheritance and succession

Comprehensive service

At Roihu Attorneys at Law, we draft testaments, and completing estate inventories is an every day task for us. With our comprehensive service, we can cost-effectively complete all estate inventory and estate distribution matters in one go. We also take tax issues into account.

Help in disagreements and disputes

Sometimes there are disagreements and disputes between the shareholders of the estate – and we have many years of experience in helping you in these situations, too. By using an expert lawyer, you can be confident that the matter will be handled correctly, once and for all.

Our services cover at least the following areas of inheritance law:

  • We draw up various documents for the future management of your personal affairs and documents in the case of death (a continuing power of attorney, testament).
  • We draw up documents relating to deceased persons (a deed of inventory, a deed of estate distribution)
  • We assist our clients in estate inventories and distribution processes with the estate administrators and estate distributors.
  • We assist in litigation, for example in contesting testaments.
  • We act as executors of testaments
  • We act as impartial estate administrators and estate distributors appointed by the district court

We offer

With more than twenty years of experience, we offer our clients a personalised and client-oriented service in various areas of family property law. Whether your matter falls under family law or inheritance law, we always handle it efficiently, without forgetting the human aspect.

Family law

The area of family law usually includes financial matters relating to marriage and cohabitation, as well as child custody, living arrangements, right of access and maintenance.

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Law of inheritance and succession

Before proceeding with the distribution of the estate, a deed of estate inventory, which is a list of the deceased’s assets and liabilities, must first be drawn up and the estate must be settled. Only then can an agreement on the distribution of the estate be concluded.

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Inheritance planning

Inheritance tax planning emphasises the importance of properly prepared documents in good time. A continuing power of attorney is a document that allows you to take care of your own affairs over your lifetime well in advance. You can plan for the distribution of your assets and their tax treatment by having a comprehensive deed of gift and/or testament in place.

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